Installation matters of precision castings


Casting is the foundry industry based on the equipment […]

Casting is the foundry industry based on the equipment manufacturing industry. Because the raw materials consumed are mainly non-renewable resources, high energy consumption, large investment in pollution control, and high labor costs, especially some old state-owned foundry enterprises are too burdened to In this round of financial crisis, the foundry industry has become the hardest hit area.


1 All precision castings should be installed in advance according to the installation conditions specified by the manufacturer. Before assembling precision castings, first see the drawings and technical requirements.


2 Secondly, the fasteners and metal parts used in the assembly should have a protective layer, and the burrs and sharp edges on the edge and surface of the screw through hole should be smoothed and then coated with conductive paste.


3 Then check whether the precision casting product model and component model, specification and quantity are consistent with the drawings.


4 Next, check whether the precision casting is damaged and must be installed according to the diagram. At the same time, the height of the center line of the component on the panel door should meet the requirements. 5 Precision casting Generally, suitable tools should be selected for bolt fastening, so the protective layer of the fastener must not be damaged and the corresponding torque must be paid attention to. 6 The assembly sequence of the final precision castings should be viewed from the front of the board, and the alloy castings should be from left to right and top to bottom at the same time, and the same type of products should ensure assembly consistency.

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