Maintenance of aluminum castings


1. The room where the aluminum alloy castings are store […]

1. The room where the aluminum alloy castings are stored is kept dry, free from floating dust and air pollution, and the relative humidity of the air can be within 50%.


2. Clean the stains before the utensils are put into storage, but they have undergone organic chemical maintenance. Do not use deep vegetable oils and raw material oils on the crafts. Wear full cloth gloves when touching the crafts. Do not touch them with sweaty hands or use oily paper or boxes to pack them.


3. To remove the dust on the aluminum alloy casting aluminum crafts, use soft cloth, soft brush, soft toothbrush duster, etc.


4. If you need to wash it by hand, use distilled water or distilled water to raise the temperature, and use neutralized soap. Do not use ammonium hydroxide, alkalis, hoarfrost, sand cloth, etc. If there is no major removal, it can be removed by technical professionals.


5. The initial method for brushed and tidy copper-aluminum alloy profile crafts is to apply a layer of organic chemical protective film or apply a layer of paraffin after heating. Today's method is to coat a layer of silicone material for sealing, which can prevent harmful substances and moisture damage.


6. In order to prevent the objects from being reflectively damaged, there is no need to place them on top of each other.


7. Frequently observe the transformation of aluminum casting crafts. Once the symptoms of aluminum are found, they should be handled properly. The method can be cleaned with potassium sesquicarbonate (5% potassium carbonate + sodium bicarbonate) until there is no chloride ion content.


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