What material is A356-T6? -Aluminum alloy casting


356-T6 clearly releases two meanings: 1. The grade of c […]

356-T6 clearly releases two meanings: 1. The grade of cast aluminum alloy, namely cast aluminum alloy A356.

Cast aluminum alloy A356 is a typical aluminum-silicon alloy. It has good fluidity, air tightness, wear resistance and corrosion resistance, no hot cracking tendency, easy welding, and extremely high mechanical properties after heat treatment. It is the most common One of cast aluminum alloy. 2. The heat treatment state after casting, namely T6 state.

The casting aluminum alloy controls the heating speed to rise to a certain corresponding temperature, then keeps it for a certain time, and cools at a certain speed to change the structure of the alloy, thereby improving the mechanical properties of the alloy, enhancing the corrosion resistance, improving the processing performance, and obtaining the size Stability, this process is commonly known as heat treatment. T6 is one of the heat treatment processes of aluminum alloys, namely quenching and complete aging.

A356-T6 also indirectly releases a technological meaning, that is, it can only be produced by aluminum alloy gravity casting. A356 is not suitable for die-casting. Even the aluminum castings that are die-casted cannot be treated with T6.

Simple summary: A356-T6 is cast aluminum alloy grade A356 plus aluminum alloy heat treatment T6 process

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