What are the symptoms of a broken shock absorber


1. Oil leakage from the shock absorber. The outer surfa […]

1. Oil leakage from the shock absorber. The outer surface of the normal shock absorber is dry and clean. If there is oil seepage, it means that the hydraulic oil inside the shock absorber escapes from the upper part of the piston rod. In this case, the shock absorber has basically failed;


2. When the car goes over bumpy roads or speed bumps, a certain wheel makes a "bumping" noise, indicating that the shock absorber on this wheel has poor damping effect or failure;

3. The car obviously feels that the body roll increases when cornering, and even side slip occurs in severe cases. This is mainly because the damping force of the shock absorber is too small to effectively suppress the compression of the spring;


4. After the car has been driving on rugged roads for a period of time, touch each shock absorber shell by hand to feel the temperature of the shock absorber. Normally, the shock absorber shell is warm, if a certain shock absorber shell is cold , Indicating that the shock absorber has been damaged;


5. When the car is in a stopped state, when the corner of the car body is pressed down and released, the body will rebound under the force of the spring. If it stabilizes soon after the rebound, it indicates that the shock absorber is good; Stopping after the second time indicates that the damping effect of the shock absorber is a bit poor.

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