Surface treatment method and process of magnesium alloy parts


Magnesium and magnesium-lithium alloys have poor corros […]

Magnesium and magnesium-lithium alloys have poor corrosion resistance and require surface protection. At present, the commonly used protection technologies are chemical nickel plating, micro-arc oxidation, chemical oxidation, etc. However, the above technology is suitable for small and medium parts, and there is no suitable protection technology for large or super large magnesium and magnesium-lithium alloy parts.

It has the advantages of small specific gravity, high specific strength and specific rigidity, good casting performance, good processing performance and damping performance, etc. It is widely used in aerospace, automobile, machinery and other fields. There is also a good application development trend in daily necessities and portable communication devices.

It is very active and corrosive in the environment of use, which has become the main factor hindering its further development and use. Phosphate, as a surface treatment method of magnesium alloy, has attracted people's attention because of its performance. However, at present, the process is not mature enough and perfect, and the protective effect of the coating cannot meet the requirements.

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