Paint surface maintenance


It is not to say that the effect of touch-up paint must […]

It is not to say that the effect of touch-up paint must be bad, but the most perfect condition is naturally the original paint. Only in this case can it truly achieve the color difference of the whole car and the anti-rust standard declared by the manufacturer. In order to maintain the bright visual effect of the original paint for a long time, the car owner's careful maintenance is indispensable.


Although car washing is more water-consuming, in order to save money, use a bucket of water to wash the entire car. Not only can the cleaning effect be unsatisfactory, but it will also cause serious damage to the paint. Repeated rubbing on the car body is almost the same as "sanding" the car paint with a piece of sandpaper. If it has rained or the ash is thick, don’t use wax mops or cloth to dust the ash. Just wash the car.

In the car wash process, it is undoubtedly necessary to wash the body with a lot of clean water, but in many cases, car washers without professional training like to use a high-pressure water gun to shoot vertically at the car body in order to obtain greater washing power. In this case, high-pressure water It is likely to cause damage to the paint.


In view of the fashionable low inventory policy of current manufacturers, the new car in hand may come out of the production line within a few days. The characteristic of baking paint is that it usually takes a period of time after completion to be truly firm and hard. So, don't rush to wax your new car. I'll talk about it in three months. Try not to use hard wax after three months.


Also, most new cars are sprayed with a layer of varnish on the outer layer of the color paint, the paint surface is naturally bright and beautiful, and it can also protect the paint surface. However, the special glaze and coating that are advertised on the market are at the cost of polishing the varnish layer. Maybe they can bring short-term brightness to your car, but is it worth it?

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