Magnesium alloy application introduction and maintenance notices in automobile industry


Magnesium alloy is a metal material, its performance ch […]

Magnesium alloy is a metal material, its performance characteristics are high strength and light weight. At present, there are many applications in the automotive industry because of its performance characteristics.

Magnesium alloys have better weight loss, but they also require higher costs and complicated processes. All of these make it only used for parts with lower complexity requirements. As one of the light-weight industrial metal materials, its specific strength is significantly higher than aluminum alloy and steel. This allows it to be used in car structures to reduce car quality.

As the quality of the car itself declines, energy consumption will inevitably fall, which greatly eases the problems caused by the rise in crude oil prices and the expansion of the range of electric vehicles. In addition, it has the advantages of large damping coefficient (noise reduction) and recyclability.

However, due to its high cost and technical difficulty, it is difficult to be widely used. Mainly concentrated on the shell and bracket. Although magnesium alloys have many advantages in automobile manufacturing, due to the lack of production knowledge of magnesium and magnesium alloy products, the production theory and technical level are low, and there are still some problems in the development of automotive use.

The aluminum alloy has a bright appearance, generally silver-white, and some processed black. Its application in life and industry is not uncommon. It has the characteristics of no rust, easy processing, and durability. However, in order to prolong its service life and aesthetics, it needs regular maintenance. Let’s briefly talk about the profile cleaning What issues need to be paid attention to in maintenance. Precautions for cleaning and maintenance of aluminum alloy profiles.It is strictly forbidden to loosely pack aluminum alloy profiles during transportation, otherwise it will cause knocking injury.

  1. According to the environmental conditions, the pollutants should be cleaned regularly to maintain the brightness.
  2. When the surface is corroded or polluted, it should be cleaned in time. Scale can be wetted with alcohol or deodorant (scrub with alcohol first, if not, consider deodorant), and then clean.
  3. Daily cleaning should be cleaned with warm water, cleaned with lubricant or neutral detergent, do not use acidic or alkaline detergent.
  4. After the aluminum alloy profiles are cleaned, high-quality protective wax can be used to polish the oxide film, or evenly spray acrylic varnish.


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