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1. Afraid of being "dirty" If the parts such as fuel fi […]

1. Afraid of being "dirty"

If the parts such as fuel filter, oil filter, air filter, hydraulic oil filter and various filter screens are too dirty, the filtering effect will be deteriorated. Excessive impurities will enter the cylinder of the oil circuit and aggravate The wear and tear of parts increases the possibility of failure; if it is severely blocked, it will also cause the vehicle to fail to work normally. Dirty parts such as water tank heat sink, air-cooled engine block and cylinder head heat sink, and cooler heat sink will cause poor heat dissipation and high temperature. Therefore, for such "fear of dirt" parts must be cleaned and maintained in time.



2. Afraid of "heat"

The engine piston temperature is too high, which will easily lead to overheating and melting, resulting in cylinder holding; overheating of rubber seals, triangle tape, tires, etc., is prone to premature aging, performance degradation, and shortened service life; electrical equipment such as starters, generators, and regulators If the coil is overheated, it is easy to burn and scrap; the vehicle bearing should be kept at a proper temperature. If overheated, the lubricating oil will quickly deteriorate, eventually causing the bearing to burn and the vehicle to be damaged.



3. Afraid of "strings"
Various couplings in diesel engine fuel system, driving and driven gear in drive axle main reducer, hydraulic control valve block and valve stem, valve core and valve sleeve in full hydraulic steering gear, etc. The mating parts are specially processed and ground in pairs during manufacture. The mating is very precise, and they are always used in pairs during the life of use and must not be interchanged. Some cooperating parts, such as piston and cylinder liner, bearing bush and journal, valve and valve seat, connecting rod head cover and shaft, etc., after a period of time of friction, the relative cooperation is relatively good, and attention should also be paid during maintenance Assemble in pairs, don't "catch" each other.





4. Fear of "reverse"
The engine cylinder head gasket cannot be installed backwards during installation, otherwise it will cause premature ablation and damage to the cylinder head gasket; some special-shaped piston rings cannot be installed reversely, and should be assembled according to the requirements of different models; the engine fan blades should also be installed in directions Requirements, the fan is generally divided into two types: exhaust and suction. It cannot be reversed, otherwise it will cause poor heat dissipation and excessive temperature of the engine; for tires with directional patterns, such as herringbone tires, the ground impressions after installation should be The tip of the word points to the back to ensure a large driving force. For the two tires installed in parallel, different models have different requirements, so they cannot be installed at will.



5. Fear of "lack"
When repairing a vehicle, some small parts may be missed due to negligence. Some people think that it does not matter whether it is installed or not. This is very dangerous and harmful. Engine valve lock plates should be installed in pairs. If missing or missing, it will cause the valve to lose control and damage the pistons; cotter pins installed on the engine connecting rod bolts, flywheel bolts, drive shaft bolts, locking screws, safety plates or If the spring washer and other anti-loosening devices are missing, they may cause serious failures during use; if the oil nozzle used to lubricate the gears in the engine timing gear chamber is missing, it will cause serious oil leakage in that place and cause the engine The oil pressure is too low; the loss of the water tank cover, the oil port cover, and the fuel tank cover will cause the intrusion of sand, gravel, dust, etc., and aggravate the wear of various parts.





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