Application of magnesium alloy die-casting parts in automobiles


The application of magnesium alloy die castings in auto […]

The application of magnesium alloy die castings in automobiles is growing rapidly. The choice of die casting machine and furnace should use professional magnesium alloy die casting machine and furnace. At present, domestic and foreign automobile companies are devoted to the research of magnesium alloy steel or aluminum alloy parts.

The application of magnesium alloy die castings in automobiles. Compared with other metals, magnesium alloys have many properties: low density, close to the density of engineering plastics. Tensile strength and elongation are comparable to aluminum alloy castings. It has good electromagnetic shielding performance, radiation resistance and good thermal conductivity.

Used on die-cast automobile wheels, it can effectively dissipate heat and improve braking stability. With good die-casting formability and dimensional stability, it is suitable for manufacturing various automotive die-casting parts; it has better shock absorption performance than aluminum alloy and cast iron. It can reduce the noise when the shell is used, reduce the vibration when the seat and wheels are used, and improve the safety of the car. Easy to recycle. The recovered magnesium alloy can be directly melted and cast without reducing its mechanical properties. Due to the different characteristics of magnesium alloys and other metals, the requirements for pressure, speed, temperature and oxidation resistance are also different, so the requirements for equipment are higher than those for other metals.

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