Auto parts choose aluminum alloy casting and gravity casting


In die-casting production, aluminum alloy die-casting p […]

In die-casting production, aluminum alloy die-casting parts are superior in performance and process performance. Therefore, aluminum alloy casting parts have developed rapidly and the amount is far higher than other non-ferrous alloys. They occupy an extremely important position in the production of die-casting parts. It is extremely widely used in the automotive industry.

Because aluminum alloys not only have good castability, high dimensional accuracy of castings, good surface roughness, good casting stability, high productivity, high metal utilization, and facilitate the sustainable development of resources, high strength and surface hardness of castings, strong stability, and corrosion resistance, Aluminum alloy die-casting parts are not easy to rust. The surface is coated with electrostatic powder coating and fluorocarbon coating. Various large-scale indoor and outdoor decorative products can be maintained for a long time without fading. The ductility is good, which is convenient for various modeling designs. use. It can also pass various rigorous tests, which can ensure the resistance strength of aluminum alloy die-casting parts to earthquakes, wind pressure and weathering, light weight, more convenient installation and maintenance, can reduce the burden of transportation and construction operations, and reduce the occurrence of danger.

In the process of aluminum alloy gravity casting, a relatively large grain structure will appear, and it takes a relatively long time to perform solid solution treatment on these grain structures during casting, so that the finished product will be ideal, In addition, it is necessary to select a heating furnace and related instruments that are easier to control the temperature when performing the heat treatment to monitor and appropriately adjust the temperature.

Not the heat treatment of aluminum alloy gravity casting machine castings is the same, because in the process of aluminum alloy casting, the chemical composition of aluminum parts is different, so the specific method should be selected in combination with the specific composition when heat treatment, And the strengthening aspect will be different. During the heat treatment, the heating temperature should be controlled, and at the same time, a suitable heat treatment method should be selected.

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